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New Custom Stained Glass Windows

New Custom Stained Glass Windows

We’ll Bring Your Vision to Light

Cathedral Crafts Stained Glass StudioCathedral Crafts has been creating, designing and fabricating new custom stained glass windows with some of the industry’s best designers to bring your vision to life. Whether you are looking for secular or non-secular, our artists and designers can help you to bring your ideas to light.

The process to have stained glass windows fabricated begins with a free of charge, on-site consultation with a Cathedral Crafts consultant. At this meeting, possible themes, designs, styles, types and colors of glass will be discussed. With the information gathered at this meeting, a Cathedral Crafts artisan designs a scale size color sketch capturing the desired image for your stained glass window.

Once a sketch has been approved, the actual fabrication begins. A life size drawing or cartoon is made from the sketch. This cartoon has two purposes: patterns are cut from it in order to cut the needed glass and acts as a blueprint when leading the window together.

The design determines the type of glass used. Cathedral Crafts uses a variety of imported antique glass from Germany, England, and France, as well as domestic opalescent. Some designs will require various pieces of glass to be hand painted using vitreous paints, enamels or staining techniques. All hand painted work is kiln fired so as to fuse the paint to the glass.

When considering having new stained glass windows fabricated for your church, it is important to contract one studio to complete the entire project. This will insure that all of the designs are completed by the same artist, all of the glass is ordered at the same time, and the same glass painter completes all of the windows. Everything should harmonize to enhance the worship space of your church building.